Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A little Look at Our Life

Fairly happy baby - teething, drooling, watches the dogs move around, likes to watch the kids move around at Nanas - he smiles a lot!
Baxter, pretty much a lay-about. Always excited for food and drink and likes to pee on the fence, behind which a possum may or may not live.
Sophie has been sick again. She has an auto-immune disease that makes her back legs and jaw especially painful. The answer, unfortunately, is steroids, and everytime we wean her off she gets sick again. We are trying an immunosuppresent, too, but I've got low expectations. Steroids aren't great for her, but her quality of life without them is pretty gross.
Fingers in mouth, mostly.
Hanging with our puppy.
Every morning, Baxter gives Henry some Good Morning kisses!

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