Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why We Foster Dogs

We have a one year old boy.
My husband and I both work full time.
We have a small house with a fenced in yard.
We have three dogs - the third one is a recent addition, but none of our pups would qualify as "small".
We have a limited budget.

There is a rescue that is local to us, Ruff House Rescue, and they need volunteers every day, twice a day, to walk the dogs in their kennel and to clean the kennels. Our lifestyle, between work and the baby, is not one where I can give them a lot of time, because their morning shift is when I am at work, and their night shift is when I am putting the baby to bed (and going to bed myself because that baby gets up at 5 or 6 am). I cannot volunteer to help them the way that I want to. So, I have found other ways to help.
1. As often as possible, we foster. We had fostered this lovely girl recently, but I knew we would keep her as soon as I saw her. Her name is Peaches and she has had a rough life. We had to take her to the vet, and found out (unrelated to the malady she was there for) that someone had shot this girl with BBs! She is sweetness and light, and around eight years old, and my family will make sure that she has nothing but the most wondrous of lives from here on out.
We will foster other dogs, and are currently having play dates with different dogs to see who fits in with our three!
2. We try to collect items they need and bring them to the rescue. They are often looking for dog toys, newspapers, plastic bags, bleach, paper towels, dog treats, etc. 
3. We volunteer when we can. Sometimes it is to take a dog to the groomer. Sometimes it is to take a dog for a playdate. Sometimes it is to walk. Sometimes it is to help when they get a lot of dogs in on transport. 
4. We share posts on Social media for the rescue. We share Facebook, Twitter and Instagram photos. We take pictures of our foster dogs and talk about what kinds of situations we feel they would shine in. We try to share as many of the dogs as possible without being super annoying (well, it is probably super annoying, but whatever). Having hung out with some of these dogs, I get extra attached and really want them to find a loving home where they aren't crated 23 hours a day.
5. We raise money. This year, I participated in a yard sale where we raised some bank for the rescue! It was great to work with others for a great cause! I have created an art print in various colors to raise money as well!
These are just a few examples. If you email me at feathermar@yahoo.com, I would be happy to send you one FOR FREE in exchange for donating directly to my favorite rescue Ruff House Rescue. Soon enough, we may have them available for purchase through their site. They are in a tough place right now, and need to relocate as soon as possible. I am amazed by these dedicated volunteers who put so much time and energy into saving so many dogs (and sometimes cats) and trying to find them wonderful lives.

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