Tuesday, December 22, 2015

ART for DOGS (and maybe bunnies and kitties)

I've made a few art prints and I'm selling them in my etsy shop. 100% of the profits from these prints go to my local dog rescue, Fur Babies Rescue and Referral (www.fbrrny.com), where they help many MANY animals in need. This includes dogs, cats and bunnies. They are entirely foster based, and when they don't have foster room, they must put the animals in boarding. That is expensive.
I love dog rescue. I love it. No matter what organization I work with, I have found many kind people who are looking to change dog's terrible situations as best as they can. It can make you very sad. It can make you very happy. It is hard work, and I am glad to help in any way I can.
Part of what I do is create social media posts. Part of what I do is share posts on social media. But I thought, if I could make something pretty...maybe people would buy it... and I could give the rescue that money. So I started designing things. I asked other volunteers for input.
I've made several and they are available for purchase from my ETSY shop.
There are many adorable types, and they would be great for any dog lover in your life! I'm open to suggestions for quotes and color schemes - I'd love to make anything that you would buy! Thanks for reading and hope you all are well!

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Jane Droll said...

this is awesome.

i love animals (a lot more than most people!), and it is nice to try and help them out when we can. :)

gonna take a look at your etsy shop next!