Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yesterday, just in one hour...

Yesterday, I went bowling. I had a photo shoot for an engaged couple in the morning and then we went bowling for Shannon's birthday. It was nice. Then Katie and I stopped at a thrift store that was still open at 5:00 on a Saturday night. And I saw these:
And I had to have them. The big one is over a foot tall and weighs more than 2.5 pounds! I like brass animals!
And I got this:
Pretty awesome. And then, because we were out, and we were "kind of" by it, we went to Goodwill. There were a LOT of people there - more than I would think at dinnertime on a Saturday night. I did manage to score a Claire Lerner dish:
and a couple of other cool things. Right now, I am cleaning the house. One room at a time. At 7AM this morning, I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. I figure that house cleaning is almost free exercise. That's the way I tried to think of it. And if there's something gross under the fridge, it's my extra muscle-y scrubbing exercise. It worked for a little while.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A few things I missed

I was sick at Christmas. The whole family was together, and I couldn't miss it, but Andy and I sort of came late and left early for all of the activities.
Here's James and Tristan. James looks grumpy, but I don't think he really was.
Here's me and Seaniebear. He was in a time out, but I didn't know, so we took a picture together.
Tristan and me! She is a silly little thing, and gave me Mike n Ikes out of her "candy Belly"!
This is the ice cream truck that Santa brought James! I'm sure Santa had a great time making it from an old Cozy Coupe! Santa would have liked to know that Universal Spray Paint and Primer doesn't always work with Little Tykes Products, but sometimes Santa finds out things by trying to do them!
All in all, it was a great time, with an Ugly Sweater party, good decorations and a very pleasant Christmas and New Years. I was sick, but happy, and I'm happy to be not sick anymore!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Planters Galore

Kate and I traversed to Somerville, NJ to see if we could replace any of her tin toys that quickly rusted from the Wretched Storm, Sandy. I bought a lot of planters and pottery!
Judy of California pottery - sort of a burnt orange big bowl!
More California Pottery with a top! Teal-y blue and perfect condition
Mint Cookson Pottery - also from California. This one is mint green, but it has a LOT of manufacturing errors on it - places where the glaze is messed up or the pottery itself is messed up.
I already had this Italian planter - it was so interesting looking - MidCentury for sure!
And a periwinkle nursery planter - a baby buggy with roses, so adorbs!
Spring is coming.