Monday, January 07, 2013

Planters Galore

Kate and I traversed to Somerville, NJ to see if we could replace any of her tin toys that quickly rusted from the Wretched Storm, Sandy. I bought a lot of planters and pottery!
Judy of California pottery - sort of a burnt orange big bowl!
More California Pottery with a top! Teal-y blue and perfect condition
Mint Cookson Pottery - also from California. This one is mint green, but it has a LOT of manufacturing errors on it - places where the glaze is messed up or the pottery itself is messed up.
I already had this Italian planter - it was so interesting looking - MidCentury for sure!
And a periwinkle nursery planter - a baby buggy with roses, so adorbs!
Spring is coming.

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Lisa Richardson said...

Beautiful Pottery! Thanks for stopping by Happy Girl Collectibles!