Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trying to Clean out

Before the bebe comes! We have a lot going on - potential house construction, a leftover Superstorm Sandy tenant (who lives in our basement, but should be moving soon) a new baby coming...I'm trying not to add to the clutter, but to take away! This means making sure everything is listed (maybe it will sell for the holidays?), making sure I don't buy MORE and trying to use what craft supplies I have on hand for all of the delightful baby gifts I have yet to make (did I mention that there are three new babies just born and another one on the way before my baby comes?).
So here are a few things you might not have seen that I have listed in the ol' etsy shop.
Wheaton, NJ tiny bottles

Murray-Allen tins!

Tulip candleholders!
I have also relisted any Christmas stuff I have lingering in inactive listings...Man, I hope this works. Our house is full of good-intentioned buys and many things that I thought I had sentimental attachments to can go right out the door - wish the weather was warmer, because I would totally have a garage sale...oh, well.
I did go thrifting with my best bud, Kate yesterday. I bought a couple of baskets for the house and a couple of sweaters to cover my giant belly, and a couple of records for my dad for Christmas. I restrained myself and the only silly non-useful thing I bought were two lego sets - both turkeys...hilarious.

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Van said...

I'm doing the same, trying to clean out as much as possible. So much to list and clearance out!