Sunday, May 05, 2013

Just a Couple

I only went to garage sales in the afternoon on Saturday. Just a little I'm supposed to be prepping for my own and figuring out how to sell what I have. It's addicting though...thinking the most amazeballs things could be out there for me to find...
 This beautiful UPco planter
 A glass making book
This beautiful ballet dancer in an amazing frame. It's old, maybe forties, and I have no idea who the painter is. I want to keep it for myself, but it is so far from anything I own already. I mean, completely different. Maybe I'll have to paint a room around it.

And this wasn't from this weekend, but this is a selection of vintage wallpaper I found in someone's basement. I think it is awesome.

I feel like I always see posts where people got a jar of beads or buttons or something and they had something special in them and I NEVER see anything like that.
Except for YESTERDAY! I got a JAR OF WONDERS! A big giant jar of junk jewelry!

Some Weiss earrings (singles, of course), some crazy bangles...they're all a little mushed or squished or have parts missing. But, I'm pretty sure I can make something amazing with some of them, and find some use for others. The best feeling was breaking it open when I got home and looking through it. BEST BEST BEST!

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Van said...

I looove the planter, of course. The jar of goodies looks fun to dig through and craft with, too!