Wednesday, April 04, 2012

In Which There is a MYSTERY....ooooohhhh

IMG_2382, originally uploaded by feathermar.

Two things I found this week:
1. this rad navy patent leather purse with no name, and a giant thick lucite bar on the top that connects the purse to the handle. It's cool, certainly vintage, but different than anything I've seen.
2. this is more of a thing I found OUT...James, my nephew, is scared of the Whoo-hoos, which are ghosts. They have no ears and they are outside the window. And he told his mama, "Mama,the Whoo-hoos are coming to YOU!" Not knowing that would totally creep Gail out...
The Whoo-hoos are NOT to be confused with the Scary Monster - who wears a moustache and is, actually, James himself ("Knock knock", "Who's There?" "Scary MOMER!!!! rAAHHH!...with a moooostash!")

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drollgirl said...

that bag is pretty cute!!!