Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I went to visit my brother while in NC, and we went to the Greensboro SuperFlea, which was not as giant as I had expected. There was a guy who had lots of busts and memorabilia, and he had a dollar table. I found this awesome chalkware ballerina there. ONE DOLLAR! It was made by the Universal Statuary Company in 1950! It's sixty years old, and it's super charming.
I loved her as soon as I saw her! She'd look great in a vintage nursery, right? Her red is so sophisitcated compared to her white tutu! She's in the etsy shop, and I'll dig her until someone buys her!


Miss B. said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my friendship bracelet rug post. I noticed that you said that you love making rugs and now I'm curious what type of rugs you make? I'm loving this rug making stuff!

feathermar said...

I knit a rug, using cut up old tshirts and super giant knitting needles (size 50!) I want to make a million rugs - weaving and crocheting and knitting and things like that! I feel like i could truly be self sufficient or something!