Saturday, October 01, 2011


I will just say briefly: Andy and I got married and it was super awesome and I plan to do a GIANT post where I talk about just how awesome it was with the details and shout outs and maybe a collage of photos or 100 million other things.

So I will just say this:

1. It was a perfect day with wonderful people, great food, and excellent music.

2. My bangs were, in fact, spectacular. Maybe even EXTRA spectacular.

3. I married the best man - heck, the best person, I have ever met and he makes me feel mushy and happy and just really really blessed.

4. Did I mention how perfect it was?

Pictured is my quilt hoop decoration along with a little bit of the fancy paperchain I made, thanks to Martha Stewart's craft punch. I think it's my papa's picture.

More on the wedding a little later!

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