Wednesday, March 16, 2011


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Well, time is a funny thing. My papa was not elected to the seat of mayor for which he had been running. It was a very long and very tense campaign with a lot of terrible moments. And now it's over. But now he will have more time. To play with James and hold Quinn and travel to visit his other kids and grandkids. Time to read a book or watch a movie or eat a giant breakfast. Now, time can begin fresh with fun stuff and none of the gigantic obligations his retired life has been full of. Now, he can party down.
And where will he certainly party down? My wedding, of course, because I am getting married in September and it is spectacularly weird to type that. The End.

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Julibean said...

I had not heard that yet! Congratulations Heather! I'm sure he is just lovely and hilarious, just like you!

Julibean <3