Wednesday, October 06, 2010

In Which I am a Bad Sister

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Did you know it was Richie's Birthday? Well, it was! And I, being a bad sister, did not blogwish him a Happy Birthday!
We do birthdays BIG in my house - it is a cause for giant special celebration! This is much harder to do when everyone lives a gabillion miles away and I am knee deep in weddings and work and all of the craziness right now!
So, I am belated and humbly wishing Richie a VERY Happy Birthday that was last week and not quite the big numbered birthday that will be next year! But I have bought you a present, Richie! I am ready for your birthday celebration when I next see you!

This picture is of Richie, the terrible monster, who imprisoned a princess, and is defeated by the hugs of the Prince, Princess and Very Brave Knight.

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The Triscuit's Dad said...

You're not a bad sister. I don't blame anybody for not regularly blogging, considering I don't update my kids' blog anymore. We have become busy people somehow.

So thanks for the birthday wishes, sis. You're the bestest.