Thursday, April 15, 2010

IMG_2801, originally uploaded by feathermar.

John and Bean and Loch and Seanie and Rich and Carter came up for Roly's suprise 40th birthday! (Happy Birthday, Rol!) Because they were here anyway, Gail and Joe threw a little 1st birthday for James - more on that later. James is having TWO first birthday parties...mostly because they have a tiny house. This weekend is Jamie's real birthday! But it was great to spend time with our little friends...even if I had the stomach typhoid and thought I was going to die on Thursday and Friday! Even if I played freeze tag and thought that was the end of me for sure! Even if I was so tired at the end of the day that the mind-numbing "Barbie and the Island Princess" wasn't the worst possible thing to watch. Even if I couldn't eat the cool baseball cupcakes.

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