Monday, March 08, 2010

Where We Go To Albany!

Shannon and I went to Albany for Library Lobby Day, where lots of library people go to the state capitol to ask for money. Well, actually, library people go to say "Please stop taking away the measely amount of money you give us." Libraries get very little money to begin with, and we stretch one dollar into ten, and it's crazy. But everybody's in the same darn boat, I guess.
Anyway, Shannon and I got up super early and got on the bus in Uniondale.

Rule Number one for Lobby Day - Don't say "Good morning, Library People!" at 6:30. To explain the reaction of our fellow busees, Shannon said "Whoa, what's with the death glare?"

Rule Number Two -
If it's called a rally, you gotta chant! And I was pretty excited about it. Shannon thought it would get testy and violent, so we made sure to pick up some Swedish fish for the show. It turned out, we chanted, "No more cuts" and we were disappointed in the lack of tomatoes thrown.
february 040
Behind us is the table of library swag. Surprisingly, we didn't buy anything.

Also, Shannon meets Olesh, her formally "Facebook-only" friend.
february 043

Rule Number Three - We got shunned like we were Amish.
february 042
february 041
Standing room only! Except at our table.

Rule Number Four - don't talk about touching a certain Senator's hair, because when you get to sit next to him, it's all you can think about...until you notice how white his teeth are.

Rule Number Five- Take some time out to have some fun! If you are every in the NY State Capitol Building, you can go to the State Museum (Ansel Adams photos!) and the State Library (there wasn't time for manuscripts!) and...on the top floor...The Carousel!
february 047
february 051

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