Saturday, April 04, 2009

I've heard that 2 showers = big baby
That's just what I've heard...

Gail had 2 showers - one with friends and family and one with her class (surprise!), and I got to be there for both!
The first was last Sunday at Gail's mom-in-law's house! Mrs. B and her daughter Inez are hardcore with throwing elegant parties. They had a beautiful luncheon spread and an amazing cake!
They are also awesome at making sure that everyone had a great time, because they rock as hostesses. And everyone had a great time.
My creation
And there was about a gazillion people there, including:
New Jersey Meaghers! Beth, Mary Claire, and Christine came!
And Cass was there, too, of course (as she is also, technically, "Meagher in NJ", but she is soon to be the new class of "Virginia Meaghers")

And a bazillion presents:
Mrs O'Hara made Gail a spectacular amount of spectacular things:
ABC quilt!
Tiny Irish Aran sweater!

Tiny kilt and hat!
She worked feverishly to complete them in time for the shower, and I think they are just about the most adorable things I have ever seen in all my durn life.
Alicia made a bunch of booties and hung them on a clothesline with outfits...really adorable.
Gail and Mrs. B
I walked in on this, but I'm pretty sure Gail is raising the roof...
And, after so many generous people got Gail and Joe so many generous things, we loaded up the cars, set the house back to rights, and got gone.
Then, yesterday, Gail's class mothers threw her a surprise baby shower at school with her whole class (and I was invited!)
We were told it was "slightly embarrassing" to request such a name for the cake.
Waiting for the surprise...
Cake Cutting!
There were party games with prizes, pencils with "It's a boy!" , a beautiful giant card and presents! It was great!
So, two showers in one week, and now we're just waiting. Waiting for this baby...waiting waiting waiting.
I'm thinking we should start the wager as to who will go first-Cass or Gail-they're only due a week apart. Who wants in? I'll have to break out the oaktag.

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preggo said...

Thank you for documenting these major events. I don't know if I would have any picture of me being preggos if it weren't for you. Thank you!!!!