Monday, May 19, 2008

Hey Y'all
Me and my pops went down to North Carolina to stay with John, Bean, Loch and Seanie in their gigantic mansion.
Johnny picked us up, and we waited at the house for the rest of the family to come home.
Lochlain was a little shy at first
but Seanie was all over the place, especially taking long rides around the estate with Peepah.
Seanie, for some reason, calls me " Buddy" but calls Dad "Peepah" like Lochlain. Seanie is pretty cuddly, and giggly. And also he'll grab your hand and say "Come on!" and what you don't know is he is luring you towards the T.V. and saying "Diego, please."
Lochlain was pretty funny every night at dinner, entertaining me with some great stories. One night, while having pizza, he wanted me to give him a high five (some song was on where you have to high five) and I had a piece of pizza in my hand. I also had some sauce on my hand I guess, and got a little on him. "Aunt Feather, you made a mess on me!" Offended, aghast. I don't know how to explain it. But he is a good boy. Pretty sensitive to other people. He told his mom a secret that involved rocket ships, guitars, and the biggest apple. I don't know what it was, but it was cute.
On Wed., Bean's office had tickets to their local ball park, The Greensboro Grasshoppers--skybox seats! Joe and Gail had taken me to see the Ducks on Mother's Day, then I get to see the Grasshoppers...more baseball than I have had in a long time! (Well, actually more baseball than I have ever had!)
Yeah, I was knitting. But it was really nice. And the skybox seats! Sweet.
And we had hotdogs and fries and ballpark-y goodness.
Pop and me got pretty lost making our way back to John and Bean's, so we stopped at the fairly big Greensboro Public Library, and asked for directions. (Yay Libraries! Joe asked "Did you whip out your librarian identification card?" To which I replied "We don't have those. We just carry our library cards...")
When everybody got home, Loch and Peepah went out to get the mail:
John carries them:
(Camera trickery, people!)
We had some hat time
we Danced
(Is Loch moonwalking?)
We had more hat time:
We went to Sonic for the first time (well, my first time) and had the super awesome Strawberry Limeaid
We played Yahtzee ( a family favorite)
John wins 2, Feather wins 1, Dad gets a couple of Yahtzees, Bean did not do so well ( but you're always a winner with me, Beanie!)
And, though I'm skipping some stuff (mostly me and Dad eating our way through the south), on Saturday we went to the zoo! It was my very first time at the zoo--at any zoo, anywhere. We went to the North Carolina State zoo, and it was pretty exciting.
Loch went on the carousel a bunch of times. I must say, when I was with him, he and the girl on the animal next to him could not stop looking at their reflections in the mirror.
Then, Loch and Seanie were ready for a rest (and so was I, and I'm sure Mommy and Daddy and Peepah too)
(Arty Lochlain)
Sleepy Sean
That night, the grownups went to Mimi's Cafe and to see Iron Man, which was totally good!
And then we left our friends to come home.
And, in the airport, we saw an owl on the tarmac:
And I spilled a pretty full coffee directly into my bag. And down my leg and on my shirt and into my shoe.
But I'm going to forget about that. As soon as I get the stains out.
I leave you with two cute pictures:

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Gail said...

You did a great job summarizing your trip- I feel like I was there kinda-nice pics!