Sunday, February 03, 2008

Flowers from my Flail

Flowers from my Sister, originally uploaded by feathermar.

This week I was very sick. Well, I guess it was last week actually, seeing as this is now Sunday. So, from Tuesday until yesterday, I didn't really get out of bed. Yesterday I missed a lot of fun things, including the awesome Wii Baby Shower of our forthcoming baby White Chocolate. For that I am very sad.

My lovely sister Flail gave me these tiny parade roses in a tiny little tin. They are quite tiny, and she thinks I did not properly thank her, since I was without fever at the time we talked. So, here's to you, my Sweet Potato! I loveys you and your presents. Always!


the sister said...

You are welcome. Thank you for the beautiful picture. I just wanted you to acknowledge them- that's all...they are so tiny- I wanted to make sure you didn't miss them.

I said...

Maybe we should call Flail "Flishing Pole" instead, since she can't stop FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS!!!!