Saturday, December 22, 2007

Right now, I am sitting at work.

No one is coming to the library today, and by no one, I mean about twenty people in the past four hours.

I am thinking about:
The stools I have to varnish.
The scarf I have to knit.
The cake I have to make.
The gifts I have to wrap.

Maybe I just won't wrap the gifts...
Maybe they will just be unwrapped gifts.

On the other hand, painting these stools has made for many off-color jokes (as my sister's nephews would say "potty talk"). I have to check on my stools. I hope my stools aren't sticky. Should I be worried that my stools are green? This has been endless entertainment at home.
My sister bought giant decorations last year at Target. They look like the round ornaments you would put on the tree, just gigantic.
These are her Christmas balls. Do you think my balls should be in a cluster? I have re-hung my balls! How do my balls look? And believe it or not, she doesn't even do it on purpose...

On a sad note, I went entirely through Target last night, and filled a shopping cart. Then I left my cart at the end of an empty aisle so I could manuver through the over-populated CD section. And then. Someone TOOK MY CART. I almost cried. I would have to battle all over again. I was hungry. There were more people from before. I got the last one of a couple of items. Boo. Hiss. I said the words I never, ever thought I would utter about the greatest store in the world: "I hate this place." Yes, friends, for a moment, I hated what must be the most happy place in my heart--my special love, Target.

Merry Christmas

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