Friday, November 20, 2009

Tristan and Carter and James - Oh MY!

Last weekend, Richie's friend Steve got married out in Peconic right by Joey's Pop Pops house. So, Rich and Cass go off to rehearse and attend the wedding and Gail, Pops and I took care of the kiddies.
I joined them on Friday after work. Gail and Joe and James and Pops and Carter and Tristan were hanging out eating pizza when I got there. Tristan was having a bit of a hard time, but we went to find a quiet spot and hung out for a while and then we sat on the floor while (her cousin, my nephew) James laughed in her face, trying to get her to enjoy the play. She was...unsure, but the kid was alright.
Then we went into the car to travel out east to Peconic, while Joe and James went home for the evening. Carter and her Grandpa watched a Muppet show collection I had gotten out of the library - Aunt Gee has a TV in her car! But strangely, it only shows VHS! Tristan really dug being in the car. She blew the loudest LOUDEST rasberries for a long time and made me laugh a lot.
On Saturday it was rain rain raining! We made beaded necklaces, we colored (princess) puzzles, James and Uncle Joe came, we played on the floor, we went out for ice cream
we went on the Greenport carousel, we sang in the backseat, we watched some Dora, we ate Aunt Gee's spaghetti and meatballs, we had a special pajama party where we watched "Return to Neverland", and we colored a special princess poster, (Carter suggested that I keep my markers to my own princess- which I totally was), we had fun.
We sort of got to know Baby Tristan a little better, and sort of reached an understanding. Though we are not as great at comforting her as her mama and papa, Grandpa, Gee and I got quite a few smiles and even a giggle or two. She watches you, and she pats you, and she's interested in you.
James did not like sharing his Grandpa, that's for sure...and
wanted to be wherever Grandpa was, and making sure his Gpa was looking at him.
Rich and Cass stayed at Gail and Joe's on Sunday night, and me and Grandpa went, and we brought Katie. Katie and I had gone on the great teacup hunt that day, so she came along for dinner to meet Baby Tristan, and see Carter and James. Carter, Kate, Cass, Rich and I were in a band. But there were a lot of rules about the band, and we eventually broke up. I don't even remember our name. It was sad.
But then we ate chicken had some of Rob's brocolli (Brocolli Rabe) and had a delicious cake for dessert ( and sprinkle cookies)!